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A blend of the right people

People make things happen. Not spreadsheets. Not processes. And that’s what we focus on every single day. We are constantly investing in building a great team. A team of passionate self driven people that love their work. From creative freaks to technical geeks, we cultivate a genuine and honest collaboration culture to be able to do great things.

Valentinos Evripidou


A software engineer in disguise, Valentinos has a unique mix of a software engineering background and a creative mind. He combines logical thinking and creativity to lead the team and ensure the technical and artistic quality of our projects. Combining left and right brain hemispheres had its toll though.

Kyriakos Toumbas


Legend has it, he thinks in binary. Reports that he wrote his first program before he could even talk have been confirmed. A natural born engineer, Kyriacos is the tech guru heading all the technology aspects of Pixel Actions' activities. From our server infrastructure to the entire lifecycle of our software projects, he oversees that everything is running efficiently.

Eirini Papaphilippou

UI/UX Designer

The creative mind behind Pixel Actions designs, Eirini Papaphilippou is in charge of designing engaging, user-friendly and visually beautiful web experiences. The only things she loves more than box shadows, are cats.

Nicolas Christofi

Full-Stack Developer

A silent code-producing machine, Nikolas is a self-taught programmer that can work on anything that is considered to be code (regardless of the programming language). He switches from backend to frontend development in a click of a mouse and he is responsible for building the logic behind our web projects. Nikolas also leads our support, making sure any issues get resolved as soon as possible.

Andreas Stamataris

Frontend Developer

When he is not surfing the web, he actually surfs the waves. And since he couldn't create the waves to surf, he settled for creating the web. Andreas Stamataris, our frontend developer, handles anything frontend and makes Pixel Actions' designs come alive.

Ioanna Kimishi

Operations Officer

A biologist in training, an operations specialist in practice, Ioanna has infinite thirst for new knowledge. Learning a new language and getting Coursera certifications are part of her daily routine. Ioanna takes care of all operations and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.