We are looking for talented individuals to join our team
and help us build the web of tomorrow


Web Developer


Are you a talented Web Developer that loves working on fascinating and challenging web projects? We are looking for a fulltime Web Developer that loves taking on challenges and enjoys building great web applications and products.

The right candidate will be involved in the entire process of building web applications, web services, websites and custom tools from the first brainstorming session/requirements analysis to the delivery of backend and frontend functionality. They will have an active role in wire-framing, requirements analysis, backend and frontend development, and delivery of final products and services. You will get to work on cool projects and be part of an energetic team.

If three or more of the following points apply to your skills we would love to hear from you:
  1. Solid knowledge in HTML and CSS.
  2. Solid knowledge in backend web development using scripting languages/frameworks (PHP, Python, Ruby,NodeJS)
  3. Knowledge in JavaScript and JQuery
  4. Experience in fronted web development using JS libraries (BackboneJS, AngularJS, EmberJS)
  5. Familiarity with Django

If less than three of the above apply to you can still send us your CV and we will consider your skillset for a future position or internship.

Other desired skills we are looking for:
  1. A university degree on an associated field isn't mandatory although having one might be considered a plus
  2. You can work under pressure when needed (Not constantly, but every now and then)
  3. Be fluent in Greek or English
  4. A Github account
  5. Going out for beers with your team is something you wouldn't consider 'work hours' but rather a good opportunity to bond and have fun
  6. Basic Skills in Retro video games (preferably Street Fighter)

Apply by sending your CV and a small paragraph describing yourself (should be less than 500 characters or 4kb) at

In your email, please specify which of the above skills best apply to you (you may copy the items from the above description).

You can also include your social network profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).